what to do in Cunda island

 Cunda Island Attractions Cunda Island is a place that must be seen by those who come to Balikesir, which is connected to the Ayvalık district of Balikesir, one of the beautiful provinces of Turkey. Cunda Island fascinates those who see it with its history, boat tours, unique souvenirs and beautiful streets that make this place special. The history of the island of Cunda, which is recorded as the 4th largest island in the Aegean, dates back to the War of Independence. Cunda Island and brave commander Ali Çetinkaya, who opposed the Sultan's order of "Surrender to the Greeks" given during the War of Independence, starts the honorable struggle by saying "no". At the same time, the island of Cunda is the only inhabited island among the 22 islands around Ayvalık. Cunda Island continues to attract tourists with its historical textures and fun activities. The fame of this island is so great that it attracts more attention than Ayvalık, to which it is connected. When vi